In June, I had a healing session with Sharon that was clearing and energetically phenomenal. There were several tools and modalities involved; reiki, shamanic plant medicine, stones, reiki music.

My goal was to release thing I have been working for some time; inner child/shadow issues and make changes in my life. As we began Sharon turned on some reiki music to help set up the energy in the room.

I self-administered hape' which is a plant medicine taken as snuff, in each nostril and deeply breathed through my nose allowing it to be absorbed and aid in centering and grounding.

I then placed Sananga eye drops which are another plant medicine, in each of my eyes, blinking and rolling my eyes to spread it around. The medicine burns for a short period and makes your eyes tear up. Breathing deeply through my nose aids in moving through this part of the healing experience so I breathed deeply again and relaxed my face as the medicine began to work. Laying back on the sofa to let the medicines work, it was Sharon's turn to apply healing. She used reiki on my crown chakra and head which seemed to open that chakra and release a flood of long stored energies.

Sharon then moved about me as she applied, moved and removed stones and utilized Shamanic feathered fans to move the released energy out of my aura. During this time the medicine teacher was working its healing magic as well and Sharon moved in and out seamlessly.

The skin over my third eye was hot and my brain buzzed with activity. I could feel what I believe was a cleansing of my pineal gland/third eye that came from the Sananga. Such an incredible experience.

I watched a light show behind my eyes during the healing, the explosions of purple (3rd eye) pulsing with the red of my root chakra was the focus as I was releasing many of my fears and anxieties. My root chakra is now quite balanced and dynamic; in fact, that is one of the most remarkable aspects of this healing session. I no long struggle with anxiety and in fact no longer take the prescription I had been on for a couple of decades.

The other healings that have come as a result of the sessions with Sharon is the healing of the long COVID symptoms I had.

The use of Plant Medicines from the Shamans of the Amazon healed me of COVID-related increased heart rate and brain fog. After this healing session, they were just gone as was lifelong anxiety. After decades of daily use, I no longer take or need pharmaceuticals for anxiety. It is amazing!

During this healing session with Sharon I released trauma, drama, things that I don't need to own and childhood hurts. When she had finished and removed all the stones and when I had reached a marvelous zen moment. I sat up feeling an utter calm inside myself and began to share with her what had happened from my perspective.

Sharon is incredibly talented and trained in so many healing modalities that I can think of no other healer so versatile for complex or simple healings. I am so glad I had a shamanic healer and guide to help me move through this healing and am looking forward to another healing session with Sharon.
Indigo Dakini
Sharon Varner’s skills as a healing practitioner, are notable for those seeking a grounded and trustworthy healer. You will find it easy to put your trust in her as she inspires a sense of confidence as she moves you through you’re healing.

I went to Sharon for a session when I was working on strengthening my autoimmune system. Shorty after our session, I was able to reach my goal of going into remission as my inflammation markers lessened over the next several weeks, following my appointment with Sharon. Her proficiency and versatility in a variety of healing modalities renders her a gifted practitioner who gets results, and one I trust explicitly.
Maeven Eller-Five
With the bowls and tools that Sharon has to offer, a calmness comes over me when I hear the bowls begin to ring all around me. I feel the deep vibrations in my chest and feel a release as if a weight has been lifted off my spirit. She gave me great insight into things she saw and felt about my energy field which I believe was information I needed to hear to better understand how to manage and protect my mind, body, and spirit.
Alexander Coronado
My sessions with Sharon are amazing. This form of energy work is very powerful and she is gifted in the art of healing. I felt completely at ease with the treatment and Sharon’s feedback after the session was invaluable. I left the session feeling peaceful and energetically balanced.
Cara Cerrone, DC