Personal Sessions

Once a service is purchased, you will be contacted by Sharon to schedule the appointment. If you have a specific date/time in mind, please reach out to Sharon prior to making payment.

Card Reading with Reiki

Consult oracle and tarot cards to receive guidance to support your healing and answer the questions that are hard to ask. This personal in-home session also includes reiki to support the integration of the information and elevate you as you move forward in this new knowing.

Shamanic Healing Session

When life offers massive shifts, energy needs to move. If you have had times in your life that have jolted the very foundation of your being and have had to “power through and just get through it”, you are likely to be experiencing the side effects of stagnant energy. Shamanic Healing involves the utilization of many modalities, including healing crystals and stones, Vibrational Sound healing, gongs, oracle and tarot cards, and reiki healing.

Vibrational Sound Healing

The energy centers of the body are prone to becoming disrupted. Whether you are experiencing an unusually high level of stress or you are moving through healing old wounds. Vibrational Sound Healing will support your realignment. Tuned singing bowls are placed on the body and as they are systematically activated your body aligns to the frequency of the tone. This treatment is done while in a resting state that allows you to simply lay back and receive.

Sound Bath

Our body is the instrument that carries our divine light through life and into the world. Just like a guitar needs tuning, your body’s frequency needs to be tuned, from time to time, to its highest vibration. During a sound bath, you will simply lay back and relax as you receive your attunement to the frequency of gongs, singing bowls, and healing energy.