In-Person Services

Once a service is purchased, you will be contacted by Sharon to schedule the appointment. If you have a specific date/time in mind, please reach out to Sharon prior to making payment.

Card Reader

Looking for answers to your personal life situations is often challenging. The personal nature of card readings will help to confirm your own inner intuition and answer the questions that are often hard to find words for. Enhance your group gathering with card readings. Each person will receive a personal card reading based on their own unique questions.

Palm Reader

For centuries people have turned to palm readers to interpret the special impressions of life’s journey recorded in the palm of our hands. You and your guests will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of this journey, through the gifted and guided gaze of a palm reader. This offering requires a 2-hour minimum commitment.

Sacred Stone Party

Learn about the magical properties of the Earth by connecting with a stone or crystal. Everything is energy and the stones and crystals of the earth each have their own unique energetic signature. During a Sacred Stone Session, we learn about the magical properties of the stone as well as how you can use them in your home, on your body, and in your self-care routines. The price is for up to 20 people. There is an additional $5.00 charge for each person over that.

Self-Care Bath Soaks

Self-love is the most essential element in honing your craft. During the self-care bath soak session, you and your guest will harness the power of intention as you work your magic to craft a personalized bath soak. Materials are included for up to 20 people. There is an additional $10.00 charge for each person over that.

Pendulum Party

Pendulums have been used to help in making decisions, finding water, and communicating with helpful guides on the human journey for a very long time. During a pendulum party, you and your guests will learn how to connect with your pendulum and even learn to do clearings with it. Each person will take home their own pendulum while continuing in their magical path.  Pendulums are included in the price for up to 10 people. There is an additional charge of $10.00 for each additional person.

Potion Power Party

Potions are as diverse as the ingredients used to make them. They are used for everything from treating poison ivy to enhancing sexual stamina. During the potion power session, you and your guests will create a special potion that follows the theme of your gathering. All materials are provided and each person will take home a bottle of their own magical concoction. Price includes materials for up to 20 people. There is a $10.00 charge for each person over that.