About Sharon

Sharon Varner is Reiki Master, Intuitive, Vibrational Sound Healer and House of Light Priestess, who has studied the healing arts with different communities from around the world.  Sharon grounds her teachings and healing sessions in the idea that vibrational sound can help create sacred spaces in the body, the home and in landscapes. Through her intuitive gifts, energy work and healing techniques, Sharon connects with her clients on a soul level and supports them on a journey to find peace and clarity within. Her work assists people with a variety of issues including relationships. Life purpose, and the releasing and healing of deep emotional, unhealed traumatic wounds, house blessings, house clearings and finding your peace within.

Sound Healing Sessions

Sharon offers vibrational sound healing sessions for individuals and for groups.  Sessions can include sound baths, reiki, crystal and stone vibrational alignment, and crystal grid building in the home or yard. For larger groups, Sharon can organize a collective of healers group an individual session, including tarot readers, healers, channelers and Shamans. She can set up Birthday parties, dinner parties, individual or group spiritual journeys for you and your friends to go deeper within yourselves to help you connected and clear at a soul level.

Vibrational Sound Therapy

In 2008 Sharon received her first set of Master Healing Bowls. She continued her studies in vibrational healing and in 2017 Sharon completed a Vibrational Sound Therapy Certification. Sharon is passionate about vibrational energy work.  By placing the bowls on the body, she can move energy and assist clients in shifting their vibration to create a deeply centered and relaxed state of consciousness. Deeper work can be done to help people uncover and release trauma and heal from their emotional wounds.  The vibrational sound healing practice can also be done in homes, pools, or landscapes to create sacred spaces to support change and create spaces of long-lasting peace and clarity.

Energetic Healing Modalities

In 1994 Sharon joined the House of Light, [a Neo-Egyptian/Kemetic Pagan School] and began her studies under the High Priestess Maria Prosper.  Sharon continued her studies and teachings, until Mariah’s passing in December of 2020. Sharon Varner is one of several High Priestess of House of Light and has continued her studies in natural healing.  She also studies under Master Teacher of New Earth Angela Mia White where she is learning how to heal trauma and master her mind.

Sharon has also studied under Master Sunyata Sarawasti in various systems including Qigong, Tai Chi, meditation, the healing arts, and a tantric path to higher consciousness.